Threat Database Browser Hijackers

More and more individuals with questionable morals are opting to set up fraudulent pages that appear to host interesting content or promise various prizes but are, in fact, nothing more than a marketing trick. Such Web pages work with shady advertising networks, whose goal is to promote numerous fake services or overpriced, low-quality products that no legitimate advertising company would work with. Nonetheless, this seems to be working as this low-end tactic is extremely popular online.

Tricks Users into Believing They Have Won a Prize

One of these websites is the page. This site attempts to trick users into thinking they have won a prize. However, if they want to claim the prize, the website demands them to follow the instructions they are provided with. The instructions state that the users need to click on the ‘Allow’ button if they wish to continue. However, there is no prize to be claimed, and clicking the ‘Allow’ button will give permission to the to pester you with notifications. This shady page takes advantage of Web browser notifications, which means that even if you are not on the site, you will be bombarded with advertisements from this website in the form of countless notifications. As we have already mentioned, the advertisements promoted by the website are not trustworthy. It is likely that they are promoting adult content websites, dubious gambling platforms, bogus raffles, etc.

If the site is bombarding you with advertisements via your Web browser notifications, we would advise you to revoke all permissions that may have been given to this shady page via your Web browser settings. Avoid browsing dodgy websites to minimize the chance of coming across a similar tactic again in the future.


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