Threat Database Malware Prime Stealer

Prime Stealer

Prime is threatening software designed specifically to collect sensitive information from users of Windows operating systems. This sophisticated threat demonstrates a high level of proficiency in extracting a wide range of data, encompassing browser information, cryptocurrency details, Discord data, system specifics, and various other forms of sensitive data. The insidious nature of this information-stealing malware poses a meaningful risk to the security and privacy of those users who fall victim to its activities.

Prime Stealer Can Harvest Crypto-Wallet Credentials

Prime focuses extensively on extracting sensitive information from Discord, targeting a variety of details. This includes harvesting data related to Nitro subscription status, badges, billing information, email addresses, phone numbers, and compiling a comprehensive list of high-quality friends within the Discord platform.

In addition to Discord, Prime extends its reach into the user's browser data, meticulously extracting information, such as cookies, saved passwords, and specific details related to popular online platforms like Roblox. This extraction is not limited to a single browser; Prime efficiently targets data from various browsers including Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera GX and numerous others.

Within the cryptocurrency domain, Prime showcases its capability to infiltrate and extract data from browser extensions such as MetaMask, Phantom, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, and Binance Wallet, seeking access to a user's cryptocurrency-related information. Moreover, Prime delves into specific cryptocurrency software applications like Exodus Wallet and Atomic Wallet, demonstrating its comprehensive approach to mining cryptocurrency-related data. This multifaceted targeting across different platforms and applications underscores the extensive threat that Prime poses to users' digital security and privacy.

Other Sensitive Data Can Be Collected by Prime Stealer

Prime Malware's capabilities extend to Application Data, where it adeptly infiltrates and extracts details from well-known platforms such as Steam, Riot Games, Telegram and Discord. Employing an advanced technique known as Discord injection, Prime surpasses mere passive data collection by actively intercepting and transmitting tokens, passwords, and email information during various user actions. This includes activities like logging in, adding credit card or PayPal account details, purchasing Nitro or modifying password and email credentials within Discord.

Concerning System Information, Prime gathers user-specific details, system specifications, disk information, and network configuration. It meticulously evaluates and employs anti-debugging measures to ensure seamless operation while remaining undetected.

To elude detection and analysis, Prime utilizes an advanced anti-analysis tactic, checking for the presence of a sandbox environment and adapting its behavior accordingly.

Prime further solidifies its persistence within the compromised system through the establishment of Startup persistence. Strategically placing a stub in the AppData directory and adding entries to the startup Registry, the malware ensures its persistence across system reboots. This multifaceted approach underscores Prime's sophisticated methods in evading detection, collecting sensitive data, and maintaining a lasting presence within the targeted system.


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