Preview Unlocked 1.0

Preview Unlocked 1.0 is a Remote Remote Administration Tool which is a specific type of hacker spyware that enables the hacker to gain remote access control over the user's PC. This is achieved by the hacker infecting the PC via e-mail or File and Print Sharing. The hacker then uses a "server" which allows him to connect through a "client" on the hacker's own computer. Preview Unlocked 1.0 can be quite malicious as it has the ability to steal vital personal information from the user as well as delete important files. This application may also crash the user's system. Preview Unlocked 1.0 may take screen shots of the user's online activity and log keystrokes. Preview Unlocked is difficult to detect as it remains hidden as it operates.

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sir.. my problem is my 2nd pc.. it has been locked by the hacker.. and now i can't open my computer... now i'm only using my laptop.... help me to solve this problem.


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