By GoldSparrow in Trojans

Powload is a harmful Trojan that is based on Emotet, a banking Trojan. Powload is distributed via spam emails mainly, but there are other delivery methods been used to infect computers all around the world such as hijacked email accounts, fileless procedures and others. Besides its persistence, Powload runs in the background, which makes its detection a hard task. Powload's goal, like Emotet, is to collect the computer users' bank account details and sen it to its Command and Control servers so that its controllers can use the information to take hold of the bank account and withdraw money.

Besides the financial loss, the presence of Powload on a computer interferes with its performance since Powload spends a lot of its resources. The machine will become sluggish and may even crash. Computer users and admins should take any necessary measure to avoid been infected with a threat like Powload. The best way to stay away from these infections is by having an updated anti-malware product, which can intercept these threats before they start their bad deeds.


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