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By GoldSparrow in Adware is a website that may be used to host misleading and deceptive pop-ups whose purpose is to promote bogus technical support services. But why would someone attempt to promote fake technical support services? The answer is quite simple – for money. The fake technical support staff involved in these schemes may attempt to convince their targets that their computers are in serious trouble, and the only way to fix the issue is paying a hefty amount of money to the 'PC experts.

The bogus pop-ups and messages displayed by may include information about pending computer issues – corrupted files, memory leaks, malware infections, security vulnerabilities and other scary-sounding PC issues. Naturally, the information presented is completely false, but not for tech-savvy users who may easily fall for the cheap tricks used by the con artists. To make their pop-ups seem more believable, they also may implement scripts that display the user's IP address and web browser, therefore leaving them with the impression that they see a legitimate error or warning. pop-ups promote the phone number 855-598-3098 which, as you probably expect, is used to get in touch with the verified technical support staff that can solve all your issues. However, this is completely fake, and calling this number will not help you at all – it will just give the con artists an opportunity to confuse further you and attempt to collect money from you. The pop-ups may be caused by a browser hijacker or adware, but some users may see them if they visit compromised web pages, so seeing pop-ups doesn't necessarily mean that your computer's security has been breached. Nevertheless, if you see pop-ups, you should consider scanning your computer for cyber threats.


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