Polska Policja Ukash Virus (Ransomware)

Polska Policja Ukash Virus (Ransomware) Description

ScreenshotPolska Policja Ukash Virus is a security threat that is found as a Polish variant of Ukash ransomware. Polska Policja Ukash Virus aims at PC users in Poland. Polska Policja Ukash Virus displays a falsified pop-up image/warning message, which is triggered by a ransomware Trojan that blocks affected computer users from accessing the desktop and using keyboard. The PC users affected by Polska Policja Ukash Virus can only use a mouse, but it does not help to gain access to the computer. The deceptive pop-up notification of Polska Policja Ukash Virus speaks in the name of the Polska Policja (CYBERPRZESTEPCZOSC DEPARTAMENT (Cyber Crime Department)) and blames victims for violating certain laws. The bogus warning message of Polska Policja Ukash Virus states that you have been performing illegitimate online activities such as downloading and spreading illegal content 9pornographic material), visiting forbidden websites or sending spam emails to other PC users. The scary warning message of Polska Policja Ukash Virus claims that a webcam inserted into the image is used to record your video and audio files to identify you as a criminal. The fake pop-up alert of Polska Policja Ukash Virus demands a ransom of 300 PLN from the victim to be paid via a particular pre-payment system such as Ukash or Paysafecard within 48 hours to unlock the victimized computer and avoid prosecution. Do not be intimidated by the confusing pop-up notification of Polska Policja Ukash Virus because it is used as a mean to pilfer money from gullible computer users. To avoid the annoying pop-up image/alert of Polska Policja Ukash Virus, you should remove a ransomware Trojan with a reputable anti-virus program.