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Polizia Di Stato Virus

By ZulaZuza in Ransomware

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 50 % (Medium)
Infected Computers: 53
First Seen: October 16, 2012
Last Seen: January 14, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Polizia Di Stato Virus Image

The Polizia Di Stato Virus is the Italian variant of the so-called Ukash Virus, a family of ransomware Trojans that use highly localized ransom messages in order to scam inexperienced computer users all over the world. The basic Polizia Di Stato Virus scam does not differ from mainstream Ukash Virus variants. Basically, the Polizia Di Stato Virus takes over the victim's computer. It blocks access to the infected computer's components (including essential components such as the Start Menu, the Task Manager and the Windows Desktop) and then displays a full screen message demanding that the victim pay a ransom if they desire to regain control of the infected computer. The Polizia Di Stato Virus follows a common convention in these kinds of malware attacks by impersonating Italy's Federal police in its message. However, it is essential to understand that the Polizia Di Stato Virus is not related to any law enforcement agency and is part of a well known online scam.

Basically, the Polizia Di Stato Virus displays a message in Italian that uses the logos and language of the Italian Federal police. The Trojan responsible for installing the Polizia Di Stato Virus on the victim's computer determines the infected computer's geographical location by looking at its IP and connection data. Then, the Polizia Di Stato Virus Scam installs a variant of the Ukash Virus that corresponds to the infected computer's location. The Polizia Di Stato Virus is installed on computers with an Italian IP. This message will claim to be an official communication from the Italian Police and accuses the victim of using the infected computer for illegal activities such as viewing child pornography or for intellectual property violations. The Polizia Di Stato Virus claims to have been installed by the police in order to block the infected computer until a one hundred Euro (the exact amount varies) is paid immediately.

Italian speakers will notice obvious spelling and syntax mistakes in the Polizia Di Stato Virus message. It should be obvious that the Polizia Di Stato Virus message is not connected to the Italian police. To remove this threat from your computer, ESG security researchers advise bypassing this malicious message with the help of Windows' Safe Mode or an alternate boot method. Then, it is simply a matter of using a reliable anti-malware tool to scan and disinfect your computer.


Thank you for your great information, after followed all instruction, now I am free from virus

Can anyone help me out to stay protected from this threat in future?????

Buongiorno,sono Mario e pochi giorni fa un Hacker è entrato nel mio account di Facebook violando la mia privacy; tramite alcune "indagini" sono riuscito a trovare dove sta ora questo hacker; ora è a Roma e le sue coordinate sono 41.9028,12.4964 e con indirizzo IP ; fate qualcosa perfavore; mi scuso per eventuali casini che ha combinato e spero che vi sbrigate per evitare altri attacchi;
Cordiali saluti


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