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Politie Office Central Ransomware

By ZulaZuza in Ransomware

ScreenshotThe Politie Office Central Ransomware is a Police Ransomware Trojan that targets computer systems located in Belgium. Like most Police Ransomware infections, the Politie Office Central Ransomware accuses the victim of illegal activities in order to extract a ransom. The Politie Office Central Ransomware impersonates Belgium's police force in order to make it seem as if the victim's computer has been blocked by the law enforcement. The Politie Office Central Ransomware uses a Winlocker component to prevent the victim from accessing the infected computer. Because of this, the main challenge in removing a Politie Office Central Ransomware infection is to bypass its malicious message and gain access to security software installed on the infected computer. ESG security researchers advise computer users to ignore the Politie Office Central Ransomware's message and to remove this threat with the help of a reliable anti-malware application.

The Politie Office Central Ransomware is used to steal money from PC users by making them be scared and believing that they need to pay a police fine in order to unblock their computer. Usually, the Politie Office Central Ransomware enters a computer using malware distribution methods that include social engineering and redirect Trojans coupled with attack websites. Once the Politie Office Central Ransomware is installed, it blocks all access to the victim's Desktop and files. After the infected computer starts up, rather than leading the victim to the Windows Desktop, a message is displayed claiming that the targeted computer was blocked by the Belgium's Central Police Force. The message accuses the victim of viewing forbidden pornography, distributing malware, and other offenses, and claims that paying a fine through Ukash will unblock the infected computer. It is important to note that paying Politie Office Central Ransomware's 'fine' will not unblock your computer or restore your ability to access your Desktop and files.

Removing Politie Office Central Ransomware

It is important to ignore all claims made by the Politie Office Central Ransomware in its ransom message. Instead, ESG malware analysts advise computer users to use alternate boot methods to start up the infected computer. Starting up Windows from an external memory device or using Safe Mode and the Command Prompt can allow computer users to bypass the Politie Office Central Ransomware message. From there, it is usually possible to remove Politie Office Central Ransomware with the help of an anti-malware application that has been properly updated.Screenshot


The following messages associated with Politie Office Central Ransomware were found:

Politie Office Central
Attention! Votre ordinateur est bloqué à cause d’un ou de plusieurs motifs indiqués ci-dessous.
Vous avez violé la loi (Vidéo, Musique, Logiciel) et vous avez illégalement servi et/ou diffuse le contenu protégé par le droit d’auteur, de ce fait vouz avez violé l’article 128 du Code penal de la Belgique. […]
La some de l’amende fait 100€.
Translation into English:

Polity Central Office
Caution! Your computer is blocked due to one or more reasons listed below.
You violated the law (Video, Music, Software) and you have illegally used and / or distribute content protected by copyright, therefore content Watchlist You have violated Article 128 of the Criminal Code of Belgium. [...]
The some of the fine is € 100.


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