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Politia Română Virus (Ransomware)

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The Politia Romana Virus is the Romanian version of a ransomware infection commonly known as the Ukash Virus. This malware infection has dozens of different versions corresponding to different countries around the world. When the Politia Romana Virus is installed, the Politia Romana Virus analyzes its victim's IP address in order to detect its geographical location. The Politia Romana Virus then installs a version of itself corresponding to that country. The Politia Romana Virus is the version of the Ukash Virus that is installed on computer systems with a Romanian IP address. Like the many variants of this ransomware infection, the Politia Romana Virus blackmails its victims by claiming that the victim's computer was involved in criminal activities and demanding the payment of a one hundred euro 'fine.'

Malware that displays a fake message from law enforcement is the most common kind of ransomware infection. These fake messages from the police are used to blackmail computer users by making them believe that their computer has become the target of a law enforcement operation. The Politia Romana Virus and its variants use a threatening message that accuses the victim of being involved in trafficking with child pornography or of distributing illegal software. Then, the Politia Romana Virus threatens the victim with several years of jail time and thousands of Euros in fines unless the victim makes a one- time payment of one hundred Euros. However, it is important to note that paying this amount will do nothing to remove the Politia Romana Virus from your computer. In other words, the Politia Romana Virus will continue to block access to the infected computer and display its accusatory message even if it's supposed 'fine' is paid via Ukash.

Because of the fact that paying the Politia Romana Virus' fine is useless, you should ignore the contents of its message, especially because this fake alert is not related to the Romanian police at all. It is possible to bypass the Politia Romana Virus message by using Safe Mode with a Command Prompt in order to access the Windows Explorer or the Windows Registry Editor. Then, it is possible to remove offending registry entries manually to reach security software installed on the compromised computer. Gaining access to the infected computer is the hardest part of removing the Politia Romana Virus; once this is done, a fully updated anti-malware program should be able to take care of this threat permanently.ScreenshotScreenshot


The following messages associated with Politia Română Virus (Ransomware) were found:

English translation:

All operations performed by the computer will fail.
In case if you use the -web camera all the photos and videos are saved for identification.
Your computer is blocked!
Toate operatiunile efectuate prin intermediul computerului dat se înscriu.
În caz daca folositi camera-web toate fotografiile si video se salveaza pentru identificare.
Calculatorul dvs. Este blocat!


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