Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By JubileeX in Browser Hijackers

The is part of a Police Ransomware strategy that is used to convince computer users that their Web browser has been blocked by the police. uses a simple Java Script to prevent computer users that are visiting from leaving. Essentially, displays an error message whenever the computer user tries to close the affected Web browser or visit a different Web page. The main danger related to is the fact that uses a social engineering approach to trick inexperienced computer users, lying and pretending to be associated with the law enforcement. If you have visited the website, malware analysts recommend using the Task Manger to close the affected Web browser immediately or restart your session. In no case should you go after the instructions or believe the message contained in and its associated pop-up messages. – The Police Site that You Should Avoid

The website itself accuses computer users of executing unlawful activities such as watching child pornography or sending spam email. threatens computer users with jail time and enormous fines, claiming that is operated by a law enforcement agency in the victim's country ( adapts its message depending on the affected computer's location, which may be determined from its IP address and system settings). then offers computer users a way out, claiming that it is possible to escape jail time and fines if one pays a single 'police fine' of $300, using Ukash or MoneyPak to transfer the funds. Of course, since has absolutely no relationship with the police, you should refrain from paying's ransom.

Police Ransomware scams are among the most common social engineering scams being used today. Previous versions of this scam tended to block the entire computer, installing a Trojan that would prevent computer users from accessing the affected computer's Desktop or files. Threatening websites like carry out a variant of this strategy, limiting their attack to the affected Web browser rather than to the entire computer.


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