Police Nationale FR Ransomware

Police Nationale FR Ransomware Description

ScreenshotComputer users infected with the Police Nationale FR Ransomware infection will find that their computer is displaying a message claiming that their computer was locked by the French National Police force. This message is not connected to the actual French law enforcement agency, but is part of a malware infection that criminals use to attempt to steal money from their victim's. Basically, the Police Nationale FR Ransomware message claims that the infected computer was involved in illegal activities and that a one hundred Euro fine is necessary in order not to go to jail and lose the contents of the infected computer system. The Police Nationale FR Ransomware is one of the many versions of the Ukash virus, a Winlocker that detects the victim's IP address and then displays a ransom message corresponding to that IP's country.

The Police Nationale FR Ransomware infection is one of the Ukash virus variants that attack computer users with a French IP. In 2011, ESG security researchers detected that the makers of the Ukash virus had made it available on an affiliate marketing basis, paying hackers for infecting computers with variants of the Ukash virus. This caused a substantial growth in the number of infections similar to the Police Nationale FR Ransomware in 2012.

An Overview of What the Police Nationale FR Ransomware Does To Your Computer System

Of course, showing a threatening message is not enough to convince the victim to hand over their money, there must be some kind of actual threat. That is why the Police Nationale FR Ransomware locks down the victim's computer system. Programs like these, known as Winlockers, basically freeze the victim's computer, preventing them from accessing any of the infected computer's files or components.

By also disabling the Start Menu, Task Manager, and Command Line, the Police Nationale FR Ransomware effectively prevents the victim from gaining access to the infected computer until the one hundred Euro ransom is paid, via Ukash. This money transfer service gives the Ukash virus its name, as it is the preferred method for payment in all variants of this malware threat. Usually, to bypass the Police Nationale FR Ransomware message, you will need to start the infected computer from an external source (such as a USB memory device or CD) or in Safe Mode. Then, most reliable anti-malware programs can deal with a Police Nationale FR Ransomware infection easily.

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