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Although PngToPPTConvert has the outward appearance of a legitimate Google Chrome extension, there are several suspicious aspects of PngToPPTConvert that have caused PC security researchers to consider as a PUP, or Potentially Unwanted Program. As its name implies, PngToPPTConvert is supposed to help computer users convert PNG to PPT files. However, the main purpose of PngToPPTConvert is to expose computer users to numerous irritating advertisements and other marketing material. If computer users try to remove PngToPPTConvert from their Web browser they will notice that this recourse is not accessible in the Google Chrome extensions manager, and that PngToPPTConvert is marked as 'installed by enterprise policy,' a label that doesn't mean anything despite it sounding official to inexperienced computer users. PngToPPTConvert is a danger to your computer's security; therefore, the appropriate measures need to be taken to remove PngToPPTConvert from the compromised computer.

The Effects of PngToPPTConvert and Similar PUPs on the Infected PCs

PngToPPTConvert is installed as a Web browser add-on that supposedly adds new functionality to the affected Web browser. However, PngToPPTConvert is designed to insert advertisements into the affected Web browser. Once installed, PngToPPTConvert will begin to bombard the affected computer user with a wide variety of advertisements and advertising material. Some of the ways PngToPPTConvert profits from advertising revenue include the following:

  • PngToPPTConvert may make changes to the affected Web browser's settings. These may include changing the affected Web browser's homepage and default search engine. PngToPPTConvert may also lower the affected Web browser's security settings and install other PUPs on the affected computer.
  • The main payload of PngToPPTConvert is numerous of advertisements displayed on the affected Web browser. PngToPPTConvert may cause the affected Web browser to display a large number of pop-up advertisements or advertising material in new Web browser tabs. PngToPPTConvert may also replace advertisements on websites visited on the affected Web browser.
  • PngToPPTConvert may cause numerous system performance issues. PngToPPTConvert may cause the affected Web browser to become slower, freeze or crash frequently.


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