Threat Database Adware 'Please press allow to continue' Pop-Ups

'Please press allow to continue' Pop-Ups

If you get a 'Please press allow to continue' pop-up, do not fret; this does not mean that there is anything shady going on necessarily. Most contemporary Web browsers display such messages, and they are harmless. However, con artists and shady individuals do not hesitate to exploit genuine features to achieve their own ends. This is the case with the 'Please press allow to continue' pop-ups exactly. News and gossip websites are known for asking for permission to display pop-ups with the latest updates. It is not just legitimate websites, which take advantage of this browser feature, and there are many dodgy websites who also ask for the same permission. However, the pop-ups they display do not provide interesting and engaging information, but dubious marketing content. In other words, they will use the pop-up feature to spam the user with advertisements constantly.

These advertisements oftentimes promote dodgy Web pages hosting shady content like adult entertainment, bogus raffles, gambling platforms, etc. If you have a minor using the same PC as you, you should be careful with advertisements like the ones that the 'Please press allow to continue' pop-ups spam, as they often contain flashing pornographic imagery, which is not suitable for children certainly. It is important to note that many legitimate websites would offer you to allow them to display pop-ups and this feature can be useful definitely – you can get latest news updates, notifications about sales, or alerts about your favorite streamers going online. However, allowing unknown pages to send you notifications may result in major irritation when you begin being bombarded with unwanted advertisements of low-quality products and dodgy services.

If you are being spammed with advertisements you never asked for you should go into your browser settings and revoke the permissions of unknown websites.


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