Play Radio Easily

There are countless browser add-ons that serve all sorts of purposes, according to users’ interests and needs. However, not all developers of browser extensions build tools with the users’ best interests at heart. Some resort to various tricks and shady tactics to achieve their goals. One of these shady add-ons is the Play Radio Easily browser extension. This extension is compatible with the Google Chrome Web browser extension. This browser add-on claims to provide its users with a long list of radio stations that they can listen to completely free of charge. However, the Play Radio Easily add-on does not offer any unique services to its users – all the radio stations offered by this extension are already freely available online. There is no need to install any third-party software in order to access the radio stations offered by the Play Radio Easily Web browser extension.

Changes the User’s Default New Tab Page

The operators of the Play Radio Easily extension generate revenue by redirecting the user’s traffic to affiliated websites. This is done by meddling with the user’s Web browser settings automatically. It is always a red flag when an application applies changes to the user’s system without asking for their consent. Remember that only dodgy applications take part in this shady practice. The Play Radio Easily extension would alter the user’s browser settings and set up the as a default new tab page. This is an alternative search engine, and using it is not harmful to your system. However, shady search engines like the one promoted by the Play Radio Easily add-on often fail to deliver the most relevant results. They also tend to push sponsored content and products instead of showing the organic results of the search.

The Play Radio Easily add-on is not associated with any malicious software and will not pose a threat to your data or your system’s safety. However, the Play Radio Easily extension has been classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) by malware analysts. This is why it is highly recommended that you remove the Play Radio Easily add-on from your system sooner rather than later. This can be achieved with the help of an antivirus tool or manually via your Web browser’s settings.


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