The website is yet another Web page utilizing the common trick known as ‘Please Press Allow to Continue.’ There are numerous sites online that exist for the sole purpose of hijacking the Web browser notifications of their visitors, and the page is one of them.

Users who launch the website will be required to click on the ‘Allow’ button on their screens if they wish to continue and view the content they were looking for. However, like almost all pages of this type, the site does not host any valuable content as it is nothing more than an empty website. However, permitting this site to send you push-notifications via your Web browser will result in constant spam advertisements. Users state that even when they close their Web browser, they are still receiving push notifications spawned by the site. Not only is the constant ad bombardment very irritating, but the advertisements affiliated with the page are known to be unsafe. Often, shady websites work in cooperation with dodgy advertisement networks that promote fake products and dubious services. It is best for users to ignore the advertisements affiliated with the site.

If you are one of the users bombarded with unwanted advertisements by the page, you can put an end to it by revoking the permissions you have given to this shady site using your Web browser settings.


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