By Domesticus in Browser Hijackers

Malware analysts have received a large number of reports involving PitiSoft.com pop-ups and redirects. Symptoms linked to PitiSoft.com generally indicate that a Potentially Unwanted Program, has been installed on your computer. If you are noticing any symptoms related to PitiSoft.com, malware analysts recommend using a strong anti-malware program to scan your computer and to take the steps to remove any PUPs installed on your computer. Generally, PUPs associated with PitiSoft.com may affect most Web browsers on the Windows operating system, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The main goal of PitiSoft.com and its associated PUPs is to generate revenue at the expense of computer users, exposing them to advertising material and compromising their security.

The Various Issues that may be Associated with PitiSoft.com

PUPs associated with PitiSoft.com are known to cause a wide variety of problems on affected computers. Security researchers advise computer users to take immediate action if their computer is presenting any of the following symptoms associated with PitiSoft.com:

  • PUPs associated with PitiSoft.com may have browser hijacking capabilities. The aftermath of this is that they are capable of taking over the victim's Web browser, redirecting it to PitiSoft.com and associated websites repeatedly.
  • PUPs associated with PitiSoft.com may make changes to your Web browser's settings, such as changing the affected Web browser's homepage and default search engine to PitiSoft.com. PUPs associated with PitiSoft.com may also make changes to the affected Web browser's security settings, making it more vulnerable to threats and other PUPs.
  • PUPs related to PitiSoft.com may cause system and browser performance issues. Content associated with PitiSoft.com may use up system resources while running in the background. This means that the affected computer may slow down, crash frequently and freeze. The affected Web browser may also take a large amount of time to load Web pages, often because it is displaying PitiSoft.com pop-ups or redirecting traffic through PitiSoft.com.


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