The Piolo.xyz website is among the numerous bogus Web pages that are plaguing the Internet nowadays. The goal of this fake site is to get its visitors to use a dodgy search engine, often without their consent. This should be accomplished a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that may have sneaked into the user's system. The PUP would ask the user to allow it to replace the default search engine with a bogus one. Furthermore, the PUP in question also would attempt to gain permission to alter the new tab page too.

Piolo.xyz Site Works with the Help of a PUP

The goal of the PUP is to generate traffic for the Piolo.xyz website. Every time the user attempts to search the Web, their traffic will go through the Piolo.xyz site. The search engine utilized by the Piolo.xyz page is powered by the Russian QIP search engine. This search engine is known to have links to countless PUPs worldwide. As most fake search engines, the one used by the Piolo.xyz site's results are far from ideal. This bogus search engine makes sure to display several sponsored results first, which means that the results for your search may be irrelevant and not helpful at all.

If you happen to be using the search engine of the Piolo.xyz website, it is advisable to use a reputable anti-malware application to scan your system and check it for the presence of a PUP. Once the security tool detects the PUP, it is best to remove it from your system immediately. Then, you should be back to normal and use your preferred search engine without any issues.


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