The website is a fake page that aims to hijack your Web browser notifications to bombard you with unwanted and irrelevant advertisements. This is a low-level tactic utilized by countless bogus websites worldwide.

The will demand you to allow it to display Web browser notifications as soon as you launch the page. Users often will be asked to click on the ‘Allow’ button under the false pretense that they will not be able to access the interesting content hosted on the site unless they comply. However, there is no content to be viewed on the website, and permitting this site to send you push-notifications via your Web browser will turn into a nuisance quickly. While reputable websites will use the Web browser notifications feature to provide their users with useful information, fake sites like the page will not bat an eye to abuse the permission. The site will bombard you with advertisements promoting dodgy services and products of dubious quality. Furthermore, closing your Web browser will not help you because the site will continue flooding you with push-notifications regardless. Avoid engaging with the ads spawned by the page as they are not trustworthy.

If you want to stop the site from sending you Web browser notifications, open your Web browser configurations and revoke all the permissions that you have given this shady page.


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