The PerfectRegistry software product is offered by Raxco Software Inc. that is a software vendor with solutions for home users and small businesses. The PerfectRegistry program is aimed at home users and can be found on h[tt]p://www.raxco[.]com/home/products/perfectregistry#details. The PerfectRegistry program is designed to fund errors in the Windows Registry, as well as COM and ActiveX errors. Also, PerfectRegistry is claimed to find errors related to user accounts and perform optimizations of the startup programs. The PerfectRegistry tool grades problems from 'Low' to 'High' and allows PC users to perform a free scan of their machines. Lab tests of PerfectRegistry on newly installed machines showed that it might produce questionable results. The PerfectRegistry tool is known to list many COM and ActiveX errors and flag temporary Internet files as dangerous.

The PerfectRegistry from Raxco Software Inc. is deemed as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that may show numerous errors on relatively clean machines as an attempt to convince users to subscribe for updates and unlock the full version of the software. We have seen that PerfectRegistry generate pop-up messages colored in red saying that the "system health" is poor and the damage level is "High." The full version of PerfectRegistry is made available through a subscription fee of 19,99 USD per month at the time of research. Most of the features in the PerfectRegistry are already available to Windows users. For example, the regedit.exe instrument allows users to export/backup the registry and the startup manager/MSCONFIG.exe enables users to remove startup programs and improve the booting speed of Windows. Microsoft does not encourage regular PC users to make modifications to the Windows Registry without proper knowledge as it may destabilize the OS. You should read the EULA for PerfectRegistry on h[tt]p://www.raxco[.]com/eula.html and you may want to bookmark h[tt]p://www.raxco[.]com/home/subscription-products in case you want to cancel your subscription to updates from Raxco Software Inc. AV companies are known to tag files created by PerfectRegistry as:

  • PUP.Optional.PerfectRegistry
  • Program.Unwanted.84
  • Registry Cleaner (PUA)
  • Suspicious_GEN.F47V0205
  • W32/Registry_Cleaner.A
  • Win32.Application.SysTweak.K
  • Win32/UwS.PerfectRegistry.A


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