The administrators of the website use a tactic known as 'Please Click Allow to Continue' to trick users into permitting the site to send push-notifications. This is an old trick that countless dodgy pages online use to spam users with advertisements and generate revenue.

Once you launch the site, you will be saluted by a fake security check. The website claims that unless you pass the security test, you will not be allowed to access the content hosted on the site. However, it is worth mentioning that the website does not host any content, so you should not waste your time with it. If you act as instructed by the page and click on the 'Allow' button, you will subscribe to the site's push-notifications. The website will begin spamming you with advertisements via your Web browser notifications. Some of the advertisements affiliated with the page may promote unsafe products and services, so you are better off avoiding them.

It is best to open the settings of your Web browser and revoke all permissions granted to the website.


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