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'' Pop-Up Scam

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The '' pop-up scam is another deceptive website designed solely for the purpose of promoting various Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) like adware programs and browser hijackers. Its strategy includes displaying fake security warnings with the intention of tricking users that their computers are infected with malware. Next, the fraudsters urge the user to download and install some tool or application that is supposed to fix the issues and remove the alleged viruses. PC users do not visit such pages intentionally. Instead, PUAs already present on their computers open similar pages automatically, or users get redirected to them after clicking on corrupted online advertisements or visiting other shady websites.

The particular website claims that its visitors' privacy may be at risk and asks them to download a VPN client. At least four variants of this tactic are known so far to malware researchers, all of them recommending the installation of a supposed VPN client. Two of the variants promote a VPN client called Harbor VPN – Secure Connection, which is, most likely, a legit application for macOS as it is also available on Apple's official application store. That fact alone cannot guarantee this particular application or any other VPN client promoted by ' and its related pages is safe.

In general, all applications should be downloaded only from trusty sources and not through questionable websites like this one.


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