PDF Mighty

PDF Mighty is a browser hijacker whose main purpose is to redirect search queries through the fake search engine PDF Mighty Search. This potentially unwanted and harmful tool installs either as a browser extension or a separate program on victims’ computers and then undertakes unsolicited browser modifications.

Specifically, PDF Mighty changes the default search engine and the homepage to PDF Mighty Search. Consequently, affected users are forced to launch this unknown URL each time they open their browser, and all their online searches are redirected by PDF Mighty to possibly unsafe websites. These actions generate traffic to pages related to the promoting scheme, while the browser hijacker owners earn advertising revenues.

Applications like PDF Mighty are usually offered through suspicious advertisements or come bundled within other programs' installation process. In both cases, they penetrate computers unnoticed, and most users do not even realize that their PCs have been infected with malware. Apart from the annoying redirects, many applications like this one have data-tracking features and represent a serious danger to users’ browsing safety.

You can remove PDF Mighty from your system manually. However, we recommend using an automatic malware removal tool, as this browser hijacker may have dropped corrupted files on many different places in the operating system so that they can be hard to identify.

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