PDFConverterSearchTool uses its supposed features that make finding suitable PDF converters much more comfortable as a lure to get users to install the application. Those who do, however, will realize that they have installed nothing more than a Possibly Unwanted Program (PUP) that has already taken control over their browsers almost immediately.

Indeed, PDFConverterSearchTool is an application designed to promote the address of a fake search engine. It tampers with the user's Web browser settings and sets the homepage, new page tab, and default engine to open the pdfconvertersearchtool.com address. As a result, when the browser is simply opened, a new tab is initiated, or a search query is conducted, it will generate artificial traffic for the promoted address. In addition, pdfconvertersearchtool.com is considered fake due to its inability to produce any search results independently. Instead, it redirects all searchers through search.yahoo.com, a legitimate search engine.

There is another huge concern associated with having PDFConverterSearchTool installed - it harvests various information from the computer. The user's browsing and search history, IP address, clicked URLs, Internet provider, and geolocation may be collected and sent to the PDFConverterSearchTool's servers.


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