Posing as convenient and useful tools that can help users find free PDF converters is a common tactic among the creators of browser-hijacker applications. PDFConverterSearch4Free is no different. No matter what features it might boast, having most of them will either be missing or barely functional. What the application will do without any problems, however, is to take over the browser and modify it according to its agenda.

The moment PDFConverterSearch4Free is installed, it will change the homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine to open the address 'feed.pdfconvertersearch4free.com.' As a result, wherever the affected browser is simply opened, it will start generating artificial traffic towards the promoted address. Users should keep in mind that since 'feed.pdfconvertersearch4free.com' is a fake search engine, it cannot produce any search query results on its own. Instead, it takes the search of the user and redirects it through a legitimate search engine - search.yahoo.com, in this case.

Keeping browser hijacker applications installed on your computer is not advisable. Not only will they prevent the user from reverting the browser setting back to their original state, but most applications of this type also will collect various information such as search history, visited websites, clicked URLs, geolocation and the IP address potentially.


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