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PC Utilities Pro - Optimizer Pro

PC Utilities Pro - Optimizer Pro is a rogue registry cleaner, which poses as a genuine computer optimization and hard disk drive defragmentation tool. PC Utilities Pro - Optimizer Pro promises faster performance, increased startup speed and fewer error messages; however, in reality, all these statements are false. PC Utilities Pro - Optimizer Pro blocks legitimate Windows programs, detects false hard drive errors and system issues and shows various fake error messages stating that the PC is infected and numerous hard drive errors are detected in order to persuade the victim to purchase a useless software product. PC Utilities Pro - Optimizer Pro is advertised and installed on the vulnerable computer system without the PC user's authorization and awareness. During installation, PC Utilities Pro - Optimizer Pro will be configured to run automatically every time Windows is started. Once installed, PC Utilities Pro - Optimizer Pro will execute a bogus system scan of the targeted computer and declare that it has detected numerous critical system errors and security infections. PC Utilities Pro - Optimizer Pro will offer the computer user to buy the so-called full version of the fake security application before it removes the alleged computer problems. All of these system errors and malware threats found by PC Utilities Pro - Optimizer Pro are nonexistent, so PC users can safely ignore the falsified scan results and warning messages. Do not spend money on PC Utilities Pro - Optimizer Pro because it's an online scam created by cybercriminals to swindle trusting computer users out of their money.

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Hi, I was looking for Hitman Pro 2nd opinion virus scan software, PC Utilities Pro disguised itself under Hitman Pro Name, and it made me believe that I am paying for Hitman Pro.
Once installed and used PC Utilities Pro, only then I realized that I paid for useless program, which downloaded lot of unwanted files along with it, when scanned using PC Utility Pro it highlighted all those bad files it downloaded with it as harmful files. It did stop there; during install it flashed a phone number to call to activate the software. When called, technician pretended to help me by diagnosing my computer for free because I bought their software. Once gained remote access to my computer, he identified some issues which I think are not issues and he wanted me to buy his service to clean my computer. I did not buy the service he was trying to sell me.
Long story short, PC Utilities Pro identified bunch of harmful files during scan. After scan it asked if you want to delete those harmful files, I answered yes. My computer could not boot up after cleaning harmful files and wasted two days and 79 dollars to get my computer fixed.
In my opinion; PC Utilities Pro is scam, please be aware of it.
I will not use PC Utilities Pro again.


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