By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

PcUpgradeNow.com is a tricky website that may generate and deliver a confusing pop-up notification 'Please Install the HD Video Player (RECOMMENDED)' on a PC while a computer user is surfing the Web. The pop-up message from PcUpgradeNow.com may be shown on the PC if it is affected by adware and browser hijackers or any PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) are installed on the computer system. PcUpgradeNow.com may be connected with adware and browser hijackers or potentially unwanted programs that may have embedded a malevolent script into the web page with the aim to possibly show disturbing pop-up notifications, ads and affiliated banners on the computer system. PC infections associated with PcUpgradeNow.com may unwillingly divert computer users to PcUpgradeNow.com when they are visiting any genuine websites using contaminated PCs. Pop-up advertisements and notifications displayed on PcUpgradeNow.com may encompass the 'REMIND ME LATER' and 'INSTALL' buttons that, when clicked by the computer user, may unknowingly enable to download and install other computer threats.


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