PC Defender 360

PC Defender 360 Description

ScreenshotThe PC Defender 360 fake anti-malware program is a rogue security application used to scam inexperienced computer users. Like other rogue security programs from the family, PC Defender 360 is disguised as a real security application and detects numerous false positives to scam its victims. Trying to remove any supposed malware that PC Defender 360 finds will result in error messages claiming that it is necessary to pay for a 'full version' of PC Defender 360. Of course, purchasing PC Defender 360 requires that the computer user enters personal information and credit card data, exposing the victim to identity theft and fraud. Because of this, ESG security researchers strongly advise against paying for PC Defender 360 or installing this fake security program on your computer. Rather than following PC Defender 360's instructions, ESG malware analysts recommend its immediate removal with the help of a reliable anti-malware application.

How PC Defender 360 Attacks a Computer

PC Defender 360 will usually be installed using social engineering techniques, often through typical malware delivery techniques or through fake online advertisements for a bogus 'malware scan.' There are also malicious scripts that may be embedded into compromised websites, which will install PC Defender 360 on the victim's computer by redirecting the victim to an attack website containing an exploit kit. PC Defender 360 will be installed when the computer user is prompted to download a fake video codec or media player to view a bogus online video on a low quality video streaming website. Once PC Defender 360 has been installed, PC Defender 360 will make changes to the victim's computer that will allow PC Defender 360 to display bogus error messages, fake system alerts and cause a variety of symptoms on the victim's computer.

Do not be a Victim of the PC Defender 360 Scam

The most important part of PC Defender 360 is to avoid following this fake anti-virus program's instructions. Never pay for PC Defender 360 or believe its fake system alerts. Instead, use a strong anti-malware program that is fully up to date to remove this fake anti-virus application from your computer, as well as any other rogue security program from the FakeRean family that include It is important to note that PC Defender 360 may have components that can interfere with security software installed on the victim's computer. Because of this, it may be necessary to start up the infected computer in Safe Mode or use other alternate start-up methods in order to remove PC Defender 360 completely without interference.

Technical Information

Screenshots & Other Imagery

PC Defender 360 Image 1 PC Defender 360 Image 2 PC Defender 360 Image 3 PC Defender 360 Image 4 PC Defender 360 Image 5 PC Defender 360 Image 6 PC Defender 360 Image 7

Registry Details

PC Defender 360 creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\.exe\shell\open\command "(Default)" = ""%CommonAppData%\ifdstore\pcdefender.exe" /ex "%1" %*"
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "idefsvc" = "%CommonAppData%\ifdstore\pcdefender.exe /min"
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\.exe "(Default)" = "4g"

More Details on PC Defender 360

The following messages associated with PC Defender 360 were found:
PC Defender 360 Firewall Alert
iexplore.exe is infected with Trojan-Downloader.JS.Agent.ftu. Private data can be stolen by third parties, including credit card details and passwords.
Security Alert
Unknown program is scanning your system registry right now! Identity theft detected!
Threat: Hoax.HTML.OdKlas.a
Security Alert
Vulnerabilities Found
Background scan for security breaches has been finished. Serious problems have been detected. Safeguard your system against exploits, malware and viruses right now by activating Proactive Defence.
Upgrade to full version of PC Defender 360 software package now! Clean your system and ward off new attacks against your system integrity and sensitive data. FREE daily updates and online protection from web-based intrusions are already in the bundle.

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