Threat Database Adware 'PayPal Desktop App' Scam

'PayPal Desktop App' Scam

The 'PayPal Desktop application' scam is a fraudulent scheme that misuses the worldwide online payments system PayPal. Malware creators exploit a fake download website for the PayPal Desktop application to spread malware. In that particular case, users have been tricked into downloading and installing a tool named RedLine Stealer that is, as the name suggests, an info-stealer.

RedLine Stealer has been programmed to extract sensitive user information such as passwords, login credentials, cookies, autofill data, and credit card data from affected devices. So far, researchers have found out that this piece of malware attacks browsers based on Gecko and Chromium. Collected data is typically sold on underground hacking forums and can be misused in many possible ways. Victims could find themselves locked out of all their online accounts, including e-mail, social media, and banking, leading to severe financial losses, loss of online privacy and even identity theft.

The worst thing about info-stealers like RedLine Stealer is that they operate in the background, without any clear infection signals until an actual abuse takes place. If you suspect this malware threat has sneaked into your PC, you can install a reputable anti-virus program to clear your device and keep your private data intact.


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