Threat Database Adware 'PASSWORD EXPIRATION NOTICE' Email Scam


'PASSWORD EXPIRATION NOTICE' email scam is an attempt by cybercriminals to obtains the Microsoft Office 365 login credentials of unsuspecting users. The fraudsters spread phishing emails that pretend to be from an official source and claim that the user's Office password will expire soon. The emails provide a link to a fake account login Web page where the targeted users are encouraged to update their credentials to avoid any potential issues. The counterfeit login page asks for the email address, the old password, a new password, and a confirmation of the new password to be provided.

Failing to notice the red flags around this tactic will result in the con artists obtaining the victims' login accounts. The consequences could be significant. These people could now abuse the collected credentials to access pictures, private files, or other sensitive data belonging to the compromised user. If the credentials are the same for multiple accounts on different applications or services, the attackers could obtain banking or credit/debit card details, spread the tactic further through the collected accounts' contact lists, or simply sell the credentials they have obtained to third-parties for easy monetary gains.

It is primordial to always be on guard when receiving emails that demand any information. The signs of the tactic are not that hard to notice if the targeted user pays enough attention.

The full text found in the 'PASSWORD EXPIRATION NOTICE' email scam is:

'Subject: Important- Password Expiration Notice


Your password for account "********" expires today. You can retain and update your current password or change to a new one.

Update the password as soon as possible using the secure portal below to prevent login problems and loss of access.


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