is an unsafe website that tricks users into accepting its browser notifications through a misleading tactic. The page has no meaningful content, and its only purpose is to conduct promotional campaigns for suspicious and potentially unsafe websites offering online gaming, adult content, unwanted applications and fake software updates. Partmenta .space's deceptive strategy is well-known: when people visit the website, they see the following message:

' wants to Show notifications

Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!'

Needless to say, this is just a trick for to gain permission to deliver pop-up advertising messages straight to users' computers. The annoying advertisements and banners will show up on the affected device regularly, even if no browsing is open currently.

Partmenta .space's permission to deliver browser notifications can be deleted manually by users. However, the fact that they have been redirected to this rogue website is a clear sign that there is a browser hijacker program running in their computers' background. In addition to these undesired redirects, the adware also can show unsafe advertisements and collect browsing data. Therefore, it should never be left undisturbed on affected computers. Detection and removal can be easy through a professional anti-malware program.


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