Oritychiev.top Description

Oritychiev.top is a part of a destructive online advertising tactic that promotes numerous untrusty websites offering various illicit products and services, like online gambling, adult content, cracked software and fake discount offers. Oritychiev.top operates through its website, where users are lured into allowing notifications through a misleading tactic. The page shows no content; however, it claims the visitor needs to click on an 'Allow' button to close the blank page and proceed to the actual content.

Users who click on that button start receiving a huge amount of advertising pop-ups delivered straight to their desktops or mobile phones. Oritychiev.top pop-ups can deteriorate the system's performance and the user's Internet browsing experience, as they show up on a regular basis regardless of any other content viewed currently. Not only that, but they also can contain advertisements scripts that redirect users to corrupted websites or drop malware on their computers directly.

People are often redirected to pages like Oritychiev.top by a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) installed on their computers. PUAs have many undesired functionalities, like generating advertisements, causing redirects and collecting sensitive user data. They can be removed through a professional anti-malware program efficiently.

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