Open Downloader Manager

The Open Downloader Manager is marketed as a Web browser add-on and application that will accelerate your downloads. According to the marketing hype surrounding the Open Downloader Manager, this low quality program will accelerate your downloads, making them up to 500 times faster. Of course, the Open Downloader Manager does not deliver on these absurd promises. The reason for this misleading marketing is that the Open Downloader Manager is not really designed to help computer users speed up their downloads or download content from the Internet more effectively. Rather, the Open Downloader Manager is used to generate advertising revenue and expose computer users to known online unsafe tactics.

Open Downloader Manager and Similar Programs are Typically Classified as PUPs

Potentially Unwanted Programs are applications that have many of the characteristics of threats, although not as damaging or difficult to be removed. Malware analysts classify the Open Downloader Manager as a PUP due to the fact that the Open Downloader Manage does not deliver on its promises and will repeatedly attempt to convince computer users to install other PUPs. From the moment the Open Downloader Manager is installed, computer users are urged to access its special 'offers', which consist of known adware and other types of PUPs. Malware researchers strongly advise computer users to avoid programs like the Open Downloader Manager; download managers are among the most common types of low quality software used to distribute PUPs, along with fake media codecs and low quality streaming video players.

Problems that may be Associated with Open Downloader Manager

There are several problems linked to the Open Downloader Manager that have caused malware researchers to regard the Open Downloader Manager as a PUP:

  • The Open Downloader Manager may try to install other PUPs on your computer.
  • The Open Downloader Manager may make unauthorized changes to your Web browser's settings.
  • The Open Downloader Manager may affect your Web browser and computer's performance, ironically slowing it down (despite the fact that the Open Downloader Manager is actually marketed as a way to increase speed).
  • The Open Downloader Manager may be associated with browser hijacking components that may take over a Web browser and force it to visit or view certain low quality websites or other potentially harmful online content.

File System Details

Open Downloader Manager may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\DeltaTB.exe
2. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\fdmwi.exe
3. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\GorillaPrice.exe
4. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\ieodmdm.dll
5. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\MediaConverter.dll
6. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\rkinstaller.exe
7. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\Uninstaller.exe
8. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\AppInitMonitor.dll
9. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\fdmumsp.dll
10. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\flvsniff.dll
11. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\Heartbeat.dll
12. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\InstallerCon.exe
13. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\odminstaller.exe
14. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\Updater.exe
15. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\wajam_v.exe
16. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\ODM.exe
17. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\etasks.exe
18. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\fdmbtsupp.dll
19. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\gp.exe
20. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\ieodm2.dll
21. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\npodm.dll
22. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\spi.exe
23. C:\Program Files\opendownloadermanager\vistafx.dll


Open Downloader Manager may call the following URLs:

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