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The domain may be associated with Web browser redirects, pop-up windows, unwanted advertisements and other symptoms. This is because is associated with PUPs. Potentially Unwanted Programs are low-level threats designed to track the computer user's online activities and profit from advertising or affiliate marketing tactics. If your Web browser is displaying pop-ups, redirects or other symptoms linked to, it is nearly certain that a PUP has been installed on your computer. Removing the PUP from the affected computer will stop redirects and other symptoms associated with this domain.

What is the Meaning of and Similar Domains

There are numerous low-quality search engines or marketing websites that are used as part of marketing tactics in order to profit at the expense of computer users. These websites are meant to display advertisements and redirect computer users to known tactics such as online surveys or websites distributing rogue security software, threats or PUPs. Security researchers advise computer users to avoid websites like Steps should be taken to remove any components installed on a Web browser that are forcing computer users to visit websites like against their will. These unwanted components may have numerous harmful effects, including making the affected Web browser more vulnerable to other PUPs or even threats.

Symptoms that may be Linked to and Similar Domains

Websites like may be linked to several issues that may have long lasting effects on a computer or expose the computer users' information. Problems that may be associated with the domain are:

  • Computer users are reporting to have experienced constant redirects to the website against their will. This means that when operating their Web browser, it may take them to This may happen repeatedly and may become extremely irritating. redirects may happen when clicking on a link or attempting to enter a website address into the affected Web browser.
  • Computer users have also reported that may appear as their Web browser's default page without any warning. For example, affected Web browsers may display as their default search engine, home page or among the computer user's bookmarks. The affected Web browser's settings may also have been changed to ensure that appears immediately upon the computer user opening a new tab or window on the affected Web browser. The purpose of this is to expose computer users to the website repeatedly when they open their Web browsers or try to open a new window or tab.
  • One common complaint regarding is that this low-quality website may appear in pop-up windows or messages whenever computer users are browsing the Web. pop-up windows may appear without warning, and may refuse to close, making it very difficult for computer users to utilize their Web browsers effectively.

It is important to note that redirects and pop-ups may indicate that a PUP or even a threat may display other threats or PUP symptoms apart from the pop-ups and redirects. Some of these types of symptoms include the following:

  • Affected computers may display performance issues, such as crashing, slowing down or freezing.
  • Affected Web browsers may have trouble connecting to the Internet or to certain websites and may take much longer than normal to load certain websites.
  • PUPs associated with may obstruct other applications present on the affected computer. They may prevent legitimate Web browser add-ons or extensions from functioning properly or prevent computer users from using their security software effectively.
  • may be linked to unwanted Web browser toolbars or extensions installed automatically.


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