Threat Database Browser Hijackers

There are many low-level fraudsters that generate revenue via fraudulent websites online. One of the most commonly used tricks is the 'Please Click Allow to Continue' tactic. Sites who host this tactic are usually empty and have nothing to offer their visitors. A perfect example of this is the website.

Users who launch the website will see a bogus security prompt that will ask them to confirm that they are not a robot by clicking on the 'Allow' button on their screen. Unfortunately, this is not a legitimate CAPTCHA test. If you follow the website's instructions, you will subscribe to the Web browser notifications of this shady page. Once you have permitted the site to send you notifications, the shady Web page will flood you with unwanted advertisements, promoting various low-quality products and overly expensive services.

If you want to prevent the website from bombarding you with advertisements, you should open the configurations of your Web browser and revoke all permissions granted to this site.


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