Onrussia.info is one of many annoying Web browser extensions belonging to the so-called ‘Please press allow to continue’ pop-ups. While the list of such browser-based tools grows bigger every single day, their purpose remains unchanged – to trick PC users into accepting to receive push notifications from the underlying website. In this case, the latter goes by the name of Onrussia.info. Following the well-trodden path of earlier potentially unwanted pop-ups from that group, Onrussia.info wants visitors to subscribe to receive notifications, only to bombard them with tons of Web advertisements totally uncalled for.

The message used to persuade every site visitor sounds quite credible at first sight:

“Onrussia.info wants to Show notifications

 Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!”

If you refrain from that click and go to another website instead, you may spare yourself of potential trouble in the aftermath. Otherwise, you may have to experience an ocean of Web advertisements, including fairly inappropriate ones, coming your way. What is more, the stream of pop-ups may never go away unless you take action. Even though the steps to take such action are browser-specific, they all get down to just one thing - remove the permission granted to “Onrussia.info” to send notifications. 


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