By Sumo3000 in Browser Hijackers is a low quality search engine and advertisement platform that is commonly associated with Potentially Unwanted Programs. These types of programs are commonly used to generate revenue from advertising at the expense of computer users, often causing a wide variety of issues on the affected Web browser. If you are experiencing symptoms linked to such as Web browser redirects, pop-ups and unauthorized changes to your Web browser settings, this indicates the presence of a PUP that should be removed at once. An updated and proven security program will be a good help to accomplish it.

Dealing with PUPs Associated with

PUPs associated with may cause numerous problems on affected Web browsers such as browser redirects and pop-up windows. These symptoms can usually be dealt with by removing the offending PUP from your computer. Generally, you may avoid installing PUPs linked to by being careful when installing new software. This is because these types of components are often bundled with low quality software and included in the installation process. The following are symptoms of PUPs related to that may cause problems on affected computers:

  • PUPs associated with may take over the affected Web browser and force it to visit and associated Web pages repeatedly.
  • PUPs linked to may make changes to the settings of the compromised Web browser, such as setting its default search engine and homepage to
  • PUPs associated with may be the cause of the presence of various pop-up windows and suspicious error messages on the affected Web browser. These may try to convince you to download bogus software updates or click on harmful links.
  • PUPs associated with may cause various system performance issues, causing the affected Web browser to slow down significantly or freeze frequently due to their constant use of system resources in the background.


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