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The website itself is a search engine that is plastered with logos, from Google to YouTube, as well as with logos for many popular online social networks and even advertisements for cheap airline tickets. claims to allow computer users to carry out searches involving all of the services and websites linked. However,'s searches are not particularly effective, containing unacceptable quantities of advertisements and sponsored links and search results. There have been various reports of computer users being forced to visit against their will. These kinds of redirects are the effect of a browser hijacker infection. Browser hijackers associated with are usually Trojans that alter how the infected computer connects to the Internet as well as making substantial changes to the affected web browser's settings. It is important to consider redirects as symptoms of a severe problem on an infected computer, a problem that should be clarified right away with the help of a reliable anti-malware program.

ESG security researchers have listed the most common symptoms of browser hijackers associated with If your computer is displaying any of the following symptoms, it is important to use a reliable anti-malware application to scan your hard drives for a malware infection:

  • The most noticeable symptom of malware associated with is to have your web browser's homepage changed to without your permission.
  • browser hijackers will cause redirects to the website at random intervals, as well as after clicking on a link or attempting an online search on Google or other popular online search engine.
  • Pop-up windows and error messages will also appear in the presence of browser hijackers associated with These may contain itself or advertisements linking to undesirable websites.
  • Browser hijackers associated with may affect system performance and online connection speed significantly, usually causing websites to load much slower than normal. A marked and sudden decrease in performance coupled with any other symptoms is a clear sign of an infected computer.


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