OneSafe PC Cleaner

The OneSafe PC Cleaner software from is promoted as a system cleaner that can help you speed up the work of your computer. The OneSafe PC Cleaner program supports a trial version and a PRO version. The main advantage of the OneSafe PC Cleaner software is pointed out to be cleaning log files, removing obsolete Registry keys, fine-tune hidden settings, and configure a quicker booting of Windows as stated at The trial version of OneSafe PC Cleaner is obtainable via freeware bundles and also can be downloaded from the official site. The app can free space on your memory drives, but we advise users to use the Registry editing functionality cautiously. We have received reports that the OneSafe PC Cleaner software loads reports of a disturbing number of errors.

Lab tests have shown that the OneSafe PC Cleaner might mark temporary Internet files and Registry keys in red, as well as suggest the user remove certain entries from the startup tab in the Task Manager/MSCONFIG tool to boost performance. The trial copy of the OneSafe PC Cleaner allows users to run scans, but only the PRO version of the system cleaner would allow you to address the issues identified after the scan is completed. Additionally, the OneSafe PC Cleaner may change your DNS settings and may allow the Avanquest Software to receive information about your online activity that includes what pages you load and your downloads. The OneSafe PC Cleaner allows users to store their credit card data in a secured vault within the app, but you may want to reconsider using it. The OneSafe PC Cleaner behaves identically to the SpeedingUpMyPC program that we have reported on earlier. Also, both apps share the same interface as PC OptiClean. An in-depth research revealed that all three versions are manufactured by the same company, which changes names periodically. Avanquest Software (formerly BVRP Software) changed its name to Claranova in late 2017, and it is believed that the company uses different names to avoid bad press. Since the release of SpeedingUpMyPC in May 2016, the product has acquired bad reputation due to poor performance and questionable scan results, which appeared to urge users to buy a PRO license. One of the latest distributions dubbed OneSafe PC Cleaner does not appear to be improved significantly, and cybersecurity vendors classify it as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). AV engines tag the installer for the OneSafe PC Cleaner using the following names:

  • Adware ( 004df8ff1 )
  • PUA.SpeedingUpMyPC
  • PUA:Win32/SpeedingUpMyPC
  • Riskware.Win32.SpeedingUpMyPC.eporks
  • Suspicious_GEN.F47V0913
  • W32.HfsAdware.798B
  • W32/Trojan.MPER-2523
  • Win32.Risk.Deceptor.Tayo
  • a variant of Win32/Deceptor.PCOptiClean.A

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