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All-in-One Ransomware Removal Tool

Ransomware threats have been gaining increasing popularity among cyber crooks. They are seen as a way to make a quick buck on the backs of innocent users. However, not only are there new file-locking Trojans being spewed on a daily basis, but there are ill-minded actors who seek to cause further harm to people who have already fallen victim to ransomware threats. They do this by promoting bogus decryption tools.

Recently, malware experts came across such a case on Reddit. A user was promoting an ‘All-in-One Ransomware Removal Tool’ as a legitimate way to recover the data that has been affected by a ransomware threat. The creators of the All-in-One Ransomware Removal Tool go by the name ‘mEGAlYthIc pRoDuCtIoNS.’ First of all, the fact that this supposed ‘decryption tool’ claims to be able to decrypt files locked by ‘all’ ransomware threats is a big red flag. Data-encrypting Trojans are very diverse, and it is likely that cybersecurity researchers will never be able to release such a wonder-tool. The All-in-One Ransomware Removal Tool is not capable of decrypting any data whatsoever. Instead, this piece of malware overwrites the files with null bytes, making them impossible to recover even if you had a legitimate decryption key or if you tried to employ a third-party data recovery software. It does not appear that the cybercriminals responsible for the All-in-One Ransomware Removal Tool are getting any monetary gain from this operation. It is likely that the only reason they have created the All-in-One Ransomware Removal Tool is to wreak havoc.

Users should keep in mind that the only decryption tools that are to be trusted are the ones released publicly by legitimate sources. Do not trust free software that claims to do wonders because if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.


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