The website is likely to lure in users by promising to provide them with great offers. However, this is not what happens as this is nothing more than yet another fake Web page definitely. The goal of the site is to hijack its users’ Web browser notifications.

The site would claim that the users will get access to a great offer as soon as they click on the ‘Allow’ button they are presented with. Unfortunately, the site does not provide its visitors with any quality content or valuable offers. Clicking on the ‘Allow’ button on your screen would enable the site to send you push-notifications via your Web browser. This can get very tedious quickly, as the would abuse your permission and would spam you with unwanted advertisements relentlessly. Not only will this shady site bombard you with promotions, but the products and services pushed by the page are likely to be of dubious quality. Malware researchers advise users against engaging with the advertisements associated with the site.

Users who are receiving push-notifications by the site are advised to revoke all permissions given to this dodgy page via their Web browser configurations.