Odrivicdriv.top is a fraudulent website propagating a popular browser-based tactic. Visitors who land on it are shown various fake alerts or error messages that all are socially-engineered to try and trick them into clicking the 'Allow' button. The consequences of following the instructions and clicking the button will be a stream of unsolicited advertisements being generated by the tactic website directly to the affected device's screen.

Odrivicdriv.top is far from being a unique occurrence. In fact, it is the exact opposite as countless virtually identical sites all dedicated to the propagation of this tactic are being brought into existence almost daily. The specific tactic employed by Odrivicdriv.top is to show its visitors a progress bar that is accompanied by the following message:

'Please tap the Allow button to continue'

While Odrivicdriv.top doesn't have the capacity to damage the affected device, the advertisements it generates might take users to suspicious third-party websites with compromised security. The redirects could also lead to offers for shady software or fake updates, most likely containing Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).

It is recommended to stop the Odrivicdriv.top tactic activity by navigating to either the 'Permissions' or 'Notifications' tab of your respective Web browser and removing all of the permissions granted to it.


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