Nwithough.top is an online tactic that tricks users into subscribing to browser notifications from a rogue website. This harmful tactic aims to deliver sponsored advertising content to users' computers directly. Subsequently, the generated advertisements redirect users to potentially corrupted websites where they can get infected with severe malware threats like ransomware and Trojans. Nwithough.top exploits a well-known social engineering trick to make users accept its push-notifications. It pretends to be loading some video content and then displays a fake error message with the following text:

'Nwithough.top wants to Show notifications

Please Press Allow to Continue Watch!!'

Clicking on the 'Allow' button subscribes users to intrusive pop-ups and banners. These are typically about suspicious online gambling pages, websites with adult content, pages offering fake software, or Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) and other similarly untrusty resources on the Internet.

Users can delete Nwithough.top notifications' permission from their browser's settings easily. However, if the unwanted pop-ups still show up, the device should be checked for adware through an acknowledged anti-malware program. Adware can cause privacy issues, as it usually tracks browsing data and the user's information. Therefore, it should be uninstalled as soon as possible.


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