Threat Database Adware '' Pop-Ups

'' Pop-Ups

The '' pop-ups are part of a fraudulent scheme that provides its targets with false details regarding their computer's health and security. The pop-ups often may contain information about a virus infection or a critical system error that needs to be resolved immediately. The '' pop-ups also propose a solution – to contact a computer technician who will help. The message also may state that the technicians in question are official Microsoft representatives, making it more likely that the victim will trust them completely. It is important to remember that messages such as the one seen in the '' pop-ups are almost always fake, and reputable companies like Microsoft would never report issues by using Web browser pop-ups.

To make matters even worse, victims of the '' pop-ups may be exposed to more than one scheme – not only will they be asked to call 888-407-4957 (a number associated with online tactics), but they also may be prompted to enter their Windows Product Key and Microsoft login credentials to confirm their identity. The prompts asking for the key and login details are fake, and anything typed in there will be stored on the servers of the fraudsters, therefore allowing them to hijack Microsoft products and accounts.

The '' pop-ups are designed to look as convincing as possible – they display numerous alert boxes and messages that are accompanied by the Microsoft logo. They also contain various fake error codes and fake Windows screenshots to make the whole tactic seem legitimate. Users who opt to call the fake support team may end up being told to pay for an expensive product or service that will do nothing to help them.

If you encounter Web browser pop-ups that contain virus alerts or information about your system's health, you should remember that they are most likely to be fake. Do not trust them and do not follow the instructions they provide.


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