Threat Database Fake Error Messages 'No Java Detected' Pop-Up Alert

'No Java Detected' Pop-Up Alert

'No Java Detected' is a fake pop-up alert, which may be used for making PC users visit a variety of unknown websites, download free insecure applications and carry out similar actions. 'No Java Detected' Pop-Up Alert may force the computer user to download potentially unwanted applications and adware, or Java updates. If the PC user starts getting 'No Java Detected' Pop-Up Alert, he should not pay attention it. In actuality, genuine and safe Java updates can be downloaded only from its official website. If 'No Java Detected' Pop-Up Alert is shown on the desktop of the PC, this may specify that the PC is affected by adware or a potentially unwanted application. 'No Java Detected' Pop-Up Alert can be displayed in the major Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


The following messages associated with 'No Java Detected' Pop-Up Alert were found:

No Java Detected.
Whopps! Looks like you need to get the free Java Download
After you’ve installed Java, click here to continue


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