Nnouncils.space pop-ups are an online tactic for promoting questionable and potentially unsafe websites. When users go to this site, it looks empty. However, it displays a browser alert saying it wants to show notifications and asking the user to click on 'Allow.' At the same time, the page shows a misleading text, which implies that clicking on the 'Allow' button is necessary for the users to confirm that they are not robots. This is a well-known social engineering trick that exploits users' curiosity and lack of experience to gain permission for delivering advertisements straight to their computers.

As you can think, you should never allow notifications from websites like Nnouncils.space because their promotional campaigns can result in your PC being infected with various harmful malware threats. Nnouncils.space pop-ups typically redirect to many unreliable resources, like gambling websites, fake software copies, corrupted updates or pages with adult content. On the other hand, you can remove Nnouncils.space browser notifications permission from your browser's settings easily.

It also should be pointed out that adware programs usually promote this rogue website. Symptoms of an adware infection include undesired advertisements showing up on your screen, a mysterious change of your browser's homepage or a new default search engine. Automatic malware removal tools can help you detect and remove unwanted applications from your device, including browser hijackers such as Nnouncils.space.


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