'New tab on right click' Extension

'New tab on right click' Extension Description

The 'New tab on right click' extension from www[.]pornodiesel[.]me has nothing to do with the site. The 'New tab on right click' extension is an adware that is published by a fake account on the Chrome Web Store. The 'New tab on right click' extension is promoted to allow users open links with a single click of the right mouse button. However, you should know that you can open links in new tabs by hitting the scroll button (the mouse wheel) on your mouse without the need for third-party tools. Additionally, browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Opera supports mouse gestures. You can add mouse gestures to Google Chrome by installing a trusted extension from the Chrome Web Store (h[tt]ps://chrome.google[.]com/webstore). The 'New tab on right click' adware can be found on Chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/new-tab-on-right-click/mkehfjofokpbokcillmdcnjmdoejkljb where you will find a generic picture of a computer mouse and the following description:

'Quick and easy opening of the link with one click.
Install the extension and get the ability to easily open links with one click'

There are no reviews on Chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/new-tab-on-right-click/mkehfjofokpbokcillmdcnjmdoejkljb, and only two users rated the app with four stars. The 'New tab on right click' Extension may be distributed to PC users via free software bundles, which may explain why it is used by 13,169 Web surfers according to its product page. The 'New tab on right click' adware requests the right to read and change all your data on the websites you visit to inject advertisements from a list of ad servers. The ads generated through the 'New tab on right click' Extension might substitute the native ads on the pages you keep open most of the time you spent online. The creators of the 'New tab on right click' Extension may keep track of your browsing history and push targeted commercials to the top of the page and end sections of the pages you open. It is recommended to remove the 'New tab on right click' Extension with the help of a credible anti-spyware tool, which can uninstall the adware and clean related tracking cookies.

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