Description also known as is a misleading website that promotes the purchase of AntivirusSoft. AntivirusSoft is a rogue security application that should never be purchased because it is a useless application. Once a user visits, a fake system scan will be run on his/her system that will automatically detect numerous malware on the system. will also display security warnings and annoying pop-ups to further push the user into purchasing AntivirusSoft. Avoid visiting or clicking on anything on AntivirusSoft.


  • Joan:

    My PC is infected with I have read various forum articles and have tried Malwarebytes, and two other applications that have failed to detect any infected files. My Antivir antivirus software also failed to find it. I am about to try Spyhunter, but am worried that this nasty thing has mutated and is in a new form that is escaping detection. I would appreciate any new info you might have about this, and I will report back re: Spyhunter's success or lack thereof. Thank goodness I have my iMac to access the Web!

    Thank you,

  • lance peterson:

    I got hit with it Saturday, 1/30/2010. What a mess. I assumed they were trying to steal my credit card information. My son stopped the virus by intercepting it during the start up process. It had totally locked me up from trying to do anything. It would not allow any other process to be activated at all.

  • Dirk:

    Today I've found a newer version of's malware on my computer. It permanently opens the Windows Security Center and the IE with websites for Porno and Viagra. It prevents me from starting any software depending on run.dll. That means, software like your SpyHunter’s Detection Scanner, system programs like command.exe or regedit.exe can not start. So it's not a scareware programm anymore but a blackmail program...