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The website is part of a dangerous online scam. In the month of January, the criminals behind have managed to hijack several popular domains, such as and so that they will display advertisements for and its main website As of December of 2011, was promoting a pyramid scheme known as Home Income Machine. The main danger with the scam is the fact that the criminals behind have managed to take over a very large number of websites so that they will either redirect to or display advertisements for this malicious website (many of these websites being normally reliable). – Redirects and Malicious Advertisements

One extremely alarming advance in the scam is the fact that and may be under the control of the same criminals behind Although these websites are owned and hosted by Microsoft, they may have been used as tracking sites by the criminals behind This may have been possible due to a kind of hack known as DNS Cache Poisoning, that is, injecting bogus IP information into the server's DNS records. The websites associated with the scam seem to belong to a seedy company known as Relevant Global Marketing, which is probably a front for an online criminal organization.

Symptoms of a Malware Infection

Victims of a malware infection will often find that their browser constantly forces them to visit, allowing the criminals to profit from advertising and promoting the seedy products and services typically associated with this domain. Any contact with should be followed with full, in-depth scans of your computer system. There is no doubt that is closely linked to browser hijackers and, more important, to a variety of online scams. This is because most modern malware does not attack alone. Rather, criminals attempt to generate illegal revenue in a variety of ways, attacking their victims from various angles. The criminals behind do this by attempting to generate traffic for their malicious websites with the help of browser hijackers and by hacking popular websites so that they will display advertisements for and its associated websites. If you are infected with a browser hijacker associated with, you will find that your web browser constantly forces you to visit or


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