The website appears to be a page that hosts news articles regarding recent events. However, this shady site does not contain any valuable content. The purpose of the site is not to inform its visitors about the latest news, but to hijack their Web browser notifications.

Uses Web Browser Notifications to Promote Shady Content

The website is neither the first, not the last of this kind. Countless shady operators online opt to build fraudulent pages whose only goal is to convince the user to allow them to display Web browser notifications. One of the tricks used by this dodgy page is to present the user with a fake prompt that appears to be loading media. Next, an alert would appear on the visitor’s screen, and they will be asked to click the ‘Allow’ button to proceed. This may not seem a problem, but rest assured that users who have granted this permission have been tirelessly bombarded with notifications by the website. The Web browser notifications will be used to spam the user with unwanted advertisements even when they are browsing other websites. To make matters worse, the site is likely to promote shady content such as fake dating websites, adult entertainment, dodgy gambling platforms, illegal streaming websites, etc. The constant advertisement spam from the site is beyond irritating, and it may reduce the browsing quality of the user.

Allowing a website to display Web browser notifications is not always detrimental to one’s experience. Legitimate websites may use your Web browser notifications to inform you about breaking news, latest gossip, new deals, etc. However, dodgy websites like the page will certainly abuse this privilege and attempt to push low-quality products and fake services. This is why it is advisable to immediately revoke all permissions given to the page via your Web browser settings.


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