NetWire RAT

RATs or Remote Administration Tools are very versatile instruments when in the hands of criminals. By using a RAT, they can perform a bunch of criminal actions, which will depend on its controllers' will. For example, the NetWire RAT can be used to monitor the victims' activities to collect information about the computer users, their browsing habits, the websites they visit and similar data. The NetWire RAT also can be used to change the computer's Registry, enable harmful scripts, create, delete or change system files, erase information, which may make the machine irresponsive or even crash. When the NetWire RAT is used to collect data, the information can be used by its controllers to infect other computers, take money from the computer users accounts, use their credit card data to make unauthorized purchases and even use your name and information to perform criminal activities.

The NetWire RAT also can install other threats on the infected computer, making the situation even worse. You may get infected by the NetWire RAT when you visit websites with adult-related content, corrupted spam email attachments and advertisements, infected U.S.Bs, file sharing websites or via other invasion methods used by threats like the NetWire RAT. Computer users infected by the NetWire RAT need to be extra attentive about the removal of this threat. It installs numerous components on the infected computer which, if not removed totally, will allow the threat to load again. Therefore, they should choose the anti-malware program they will use to perform the NetWire RAT removal carefully, and after the removal is complete, use a scanner to analyze their machine once again to be certain that everything created by the NetWire RAT is gone.


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